MulchMulching is a process of inbred fertilization with decomposed organic materials to cover and enrich soil in an area for plant growth. It can prevent erosion and decrease evaporation of moisture by forming a barrier between soil and the atmosphere.

Additional benefits of mulching include control of weeds, soil aeration, increased soil fertility, inhibiting certain plant diseases, and lessen any damage from weed whackers to trees. Organic mulches decay over time which affects its usefulness. Luckily, we offer mulch delivery services and a good supply of mulches for different purposes.

Some mulch like straw, peat, and sawdust can negatively affect plant growth because their high carbon to nitrogen ratio causes bacteria and fungi to remove nitrogen from the soil. To maximize the benefits of mulch and minimize the negative influences, we usually apply it in late spring when soil temperatures have risen but soil content is high. You definitely don’t want to pay for mulching and not have the effect you are looking for with your garden.


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